“My heart is broken,” we say and think that we will never be happy again. But parting is a natural part of life. The pain that we experience can teach how to become stronger, conscious and happy.

1. Happiness depends only on you

Closing at home after a break, you suffer day. Friends and relatives support you, but at some point you understand-if you want to get to your feet, no one will do it for you. Pain teaches – happiness does not depend on other people, only we ourselves can make ourselves happy.

2. Ask for help

This is difficult, but the pain of a broken heart is familiar to many, so loved ones can understand and support you during this period. Divorce is the best time to learn how to ask for support.

3. Everything passes

Any separation teaches that nothing can, will not and should not last forever. Accepting this thought helps to survive difficult times.

4. You need to be able to let go

Sometimes it happens that, despite efforts, love leaves. Sometimes you have to lose and you need to let go of what was to heal. To release the past does not mean to surrender, it means to win.

5. You need to love yourself

Only then can you love someone. Having cried the right number of tears and listening – songs, you return to life. You have become stronger and can appreciate yourself than before, accept your needs, and not limit them to please another. Love yourself for real.

6. You need to live on

Even if after a divorce you feel as if dragging a terrible load on your shoulders, which will never give up straight, live on. Put on the most beautiful dress or tight jeans, arrange a bright lipstick and go forward with your head highly raised. It helps.

7. It is worth figuring out

Divorce can tell us a lot about ourselves, sometimes we don’t like it. You have to think about something more carefully, something will have to be changed. In any case, he shows us from all sides – both

Si vous croyez que les conseils des amis de la compassion et des milliers de films et de téléviseurs, le meilleur outil de venir à eux-mêmes après que la fille a dit «au revoir», – être immédiatement au lit avec n’importe quel autre. Le sexe dans une telle situation sert ou à la vengeance apcalis oral jelly laisse la joie.” Pas que vous pouvez seul dans les crêpes! “- Dit dit Carlson Freken Side), ou une façon de restaurer la confiance perdue et de restaurer à nouveau vivre.

good and bad, it helps to become the best version of himself.

8. You need to learn to see good

Perhaps now you are not able to laugh at friends’s jokes and do not want to get out of bed. But at some point you will see that even trifles are important. The seller’s smile, good weather, a stranger’s compliment makes life better. You will learn to pay attention to such things, and this is a valuable life skill.

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